Mr. Ralph Nelson Elliott

Mr. Elliot was born on the 28th July 1871 and died on the 15th January 1948 aged 76. He was an American expert accountant and author of several books, some of them brought us to the ELLIOT WAVE PRINCIPLE that we used every day and make money. It was in the 1930s that Mr. Elliot discovered that the stock market behaved in a certain pattern, which he called waves. He analyzed yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and half hours charts of many stock market covering 75 years. It is through Mr. Elliot works that I’m able to bring you the best market analyzing too ever, whether you analyzing Forex market or cryptocurrencies or stocks the Elliot wave principle has your back.


I know if you are new you are asking yourself why I should learn to analyze the market using complex Elliot wave principle. Some of you think that E.W is hard to understand and master, which is not true. I will give you few points below explaining why E.W is a must-have tool for your trading.

  1. Discipline – Elliot wave uses certain rules which improves your discipline level, in order to be successful as a trader you need good discipline level.
  2. Stop loss & Take profit – easy to set stop loss and take profit that means more money for you.
  3. Market knowledge – knowing where you are, where you coming from and where you going to the market is important, all you do after that is ride trends.
  4. Works well with other strategies – Support and resistant, trend lines, Fibonacci all combine under Elliot Wave to form killer analyzing tool.
  • Please note that just like any other analyzing tool of the markets, it not the holly grain that will give you 100% win rate, in my experience, they are no strategies that have no loses, but because of good money management the account keep on growing with E.W which is very important.


In this course, I’m going to share my experience of more than 5 years trading mostly forex,2 years trading using Elliot wave and how I became successful. My aim is to help those who need help like those who keep on blowing account after account and those who have accounts that grow at a slow rate or decreasing. The course is free on this website, I used as many graphical diagrams with real charts because I believe people learn easily with diagrams or is it me but that my belief. I have structured the course in the following pages.

  • FORUM (I will be looking forward to answering your questions on any of the course content and also relevant chart analyzing question you might have).
  • I will post my chart daily technical and fundamental analysis and encourage everyone to share so we can correct wrong counting to improve our knowledge of E.W.I will share videos explaining all the content in the course and answer question in the forum or comment. I will be offering free mentorship to everyone and will encourage other highly skilled traders to share their work for better learning of all.